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Welcome to Bourbon of the Day, where we review the best American whiskeys around!

We help you find the best bourbon for your buck with fun and honest reviews, and by suggesting products that help you get the most out of every bottle.

Bourbonoftheday.com launched in November 2013 at the legendary Dish on Market in Louisville, Kentucky.  Since then, we have received more than 10 Million hits from 356,000 unique visitors!

Our Twitter profile gives us direct access to our 14k+ followers, and our tweets recieve more than 10,000 impressions every 24 hours. Tweet to us here!

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All in all, we are able to reach more than 60,000 people around the world every 24 hours!

What Makes Us Different?

Lots of blogs do whiskey, wine, and beer reviews – that’s nothing new.  But Bourbon of the Day is the only site dedicated to discriminating  bourbon fanatics.

Other spirits have their place, but it’s not here! Our focus is exclusively on the true #bourbonite!

We also pride ourselves on our location. Our entire team lives, works, and plays in Louisville, Kentucky – the new heart of Bourbon country! Other sites might have a love for the craft, but they aren’t in the middle of the action. We are!

Our Mission

Bourbon is made slowly, and is meant to be enjoyed slowly. In a world too busy for itself, our simple mission is to inspire the world to return to a time when folks knew how to appreciate the richness of life – one dram at a time.

When you speak, we listen! If you have suggestions on how we can improve, use the form on this page to get in touch with us and we will get right back to you.

…unless it’s happy hour!


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Comments (13)

Suzette Kettenhofen

I think your banner should either have a bottle of all the bourbons there or should be just an outline of bottle shapes. There are more bourbons than just Woodford Reserves and 1792 out there.

The banner may be cut off in your browser, as there are also Jim Beam and Evan Williams bourbon bottles present on the far right as well. How do you view the site? Are you on a mobile device, tablet, or desktop?

To start, I agree with Suzette that the banner needs more bourbons or more bottle types. Next, I’d like to see a way on the Bourbon Reviews page to select by brand, and then see all your reviews just for that brand, rather than all reviews only in chronological order. Also recommend you add a page on site security, especially since you ask for login info and email info. And finally, a Site Map normally shows a “tree” of sorts of all the page categories, then sub-categories, etc, down to the lowest level of sub-sub-…-category. That all said, I like the colors and especially the pic of the bourbon in glasses on right side.

Great feedback, and thanks for the compliments on our design (we worked hard on it!) As fat as being able to see and select reviews for particular brands, we have created a page for Bourbon Brands and Distilleries that attempts to break down brands and bourbons. The sitemap is more for search engines than humans, but we have found and are implementing some solutions for improving the structure of the map, so good catch on your part. Site security is really important to us, particularly after revelations concerning Heartbleed, so we are DEFINITELY putting together a comprehensive site security page. Thanks again, and when you see these changes taking place, know that they were inspired by your comment!

I like the web site. Not really. I’m jealous because you beat me to the punch. A couple of us had talked about putting together the same type of site. But on the whole I really like the site. I think your banner layout is just fine. It does need to be done with a higher resolution as it is not as clear as the background images. The glasses are nice but I do take mine neat!

Haha! Well feel free to join the party! There are hundreds of sites for each and every niche, and I dont feel like we all “compete” with each other when it comes to talking about our relationship with fine bourbons. If you decide to move ahead and create your own site, feel free to get in touch with me if you need advice. Cheers!

This review is based on my experience via my “phablet” (Samsung Note 2).
It appears that this is not yet set to be mobile friendly as there are several items that do not display correctly. The first being the banner does not fully display (gets cut off). The background graphic just displays as black (no design or glasses of bourbon). Also, the “Get unlimited free access” sign up is jumbled and does not fully display in portrait mode. Although it is not jumbled in landscape mode it still does not display completely (gets cut off). Both the “Bourbon Lovers Essentials” & “Get the Guide” appear to be flash player items and do not display at all. Which is quite common for mobile device to not support flash player. The “Speak the Language” appears to be a bad link as it does not go anywhere. On the “Home” page I think that the “About Bourbon of the Day” paragraph that is currently on the bottom should be at the top as it is a welcome to the site. It also seems odd that reviews are on the “Home” page as there is an actual tab for “Bourbon Reviews”. The “What the Hell Would I Do With That” is found in two places (“Cocktails” & “Home”).  What I dislike the most is that there is a ton of material “hidden” within the “Site Map” link that most people will never click on.  Overall the layout, design and content of the site are great. Just a few glitches to work out…..CHEERS!

Great comprehensive review! This is what “beta” mode is for! I agree with the fact that our banner is an issue. We have contracted a new designer to get it together for us. Not sure why the “Bourbon Lovers Essentials” & “Get the Guide”tabs are appearing as flash items, as they are definitely html. Do these display for you as broken plugin tabs? Please tell us more about what you are seeing on your side of the house. As far as our “hidden” content, we are coming up with some neat ways to make our homepage more inclusive, but since that involves alot of porgramming, we will probably save it for BourbonoftheDay 3.0. In the mean time, we are adding features to the homepage to make navigation a little easier in terms of finding hidden tasties.

I’m getting “a flash player update is required to load the viewer” – just realized this only happens if I use google chrome. Using the standard Internet (IE?) that came on the phone works fine.

Just figured out what it was and its now fixed! Thanks for the heads up and keep us posted if you have any future issues!

The site load very slow on Ipad and IPhone. The bourbon brands link has some ghost blue wording on top of some of the distilleries lists.
I also have to comment on the add-ons list. Ice that is not ice to water down your bourbon is great, I have a set of plastic cubes filed with a liquid, keep in freezer and serve to friends with a good bourbon. I personally prefer my “sipping whiskey” straight up, but that is not for everyone. I do not agree with the bitters , maybe in a cheap bourbon that has no true character, but in a Stagg or Knob Creek 120 proof would be sacrilegious.
I keep several types of bourbon, my sipping whiskey, which includes, Stagg, Knob Creek single barrel 120, in a pinch Eagle Rare or Four Roses, then my mixing bourbon, which has enough flavor to mix well for a Manhattan, Mint Julip or bourbon and coke, this until recently was Virginia Gentleman a nice 80+ proof double distilled bourbon. Very inexpensive, but flavorful and smooth. Hard to find outside of Virginia, so I am now searching for a reasonably priced replacement, Old Weller Antique 107 is good but not available everywhere.

I live in Florida and have discovered Saint Augustine Double Cask Bourbon. A true Bourbon made according to required rules of Bourbon Making. It is an extremely smooth Bourbon and does Florida proud.


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