These Are The 4 Best Whiskey Glasses We Have Tried

Learning how to drink bourbon the right way starts with knowing which glasses to enjoy your spirit with! There are hundreds of whiskey glasses on the market, but these are the best whiskey glasses that we have tried here at Bourbon of the Day so far!

Does The Glass Really Matter?

Most folks will tell you that any old glass will do. Not true! There is a difference between cognac glasses, port glasses,  jelly jars, and liqueur glasses for a reason. Before we get into the best whiskey glasses, allow me to break down the difference.

 Cognac Glasses

brandy glass

Brandy and Cognac snifters are tulip-shaped glasses that have a fat rounded bottom ideal for holding in the palm of your hand. Traditionally, Brandy and Cognacs are served warm to release those woodsy vanilla, fresh apricot and caramelized, chocolatey aromas. The narrow opening helps keep those vapors inside the glass and intensifies the flavors of the liquor. 

Port Glasses

Port glasses are for port wine – a super sweet and fruity desert wine tat comes from Protugal (hence the name). Because the characteristics of port differ from wine and whiskey, it is served in a glass that concentrates the fruit aromas. Port glasses are much smaller than traditional wine glasses and can hold  around 3 ounces of wine.

Liqueur Glasses

Liqueur glasses are for sweet spirits that dont warrant too much nosing or complex tasting. They are sweet, sugary spirits that are usually used as a mixer. Liqueur glasses do nothing for the aroma of the beverage they contain, and would not be suitable for whiskey drinking.

The 4 Best Whiskey Glasses

So how do you enjoy your bourbon the way the distiller intended? You choose the best whiskey glasses designed to concentrate the aroma and the flavors of your pour without being too awkward to hold.

The Rocks Glass

Rocks glasses can hold up to 8 ounces, making them perfect for those of us who like four finger pours (raises hand), or if you like nice fat ice cubes in your whiskey. These glasses are also used to serve mixed drinks like Old Fashioned cocktails. If you are going for a mixed drink, a drink with ice, or a heavy pour, this is your pick.

The Single Malt Glass

Single malts and bourbon share complexity in both aroma and taste, which makes this glass a contender for real whiskey enthusiasts. The deep bowl gives you room for a nice pour, the footed bottom gives you stability, and the shape gives your bourbon surface area to breathe without the aromas wafting off. These can be a little pricey, but if you are going to enjoy an expensive bourbon, enjoy it in a worthy glass.

The Glencairn Glass

By far, one of the best whiskey glasses on the market!

The reigning champion of bourbon glasses, the Glencairn is the best thing to happen to bourbon drinking since the glass bottle. The shape is perfect for concentrating aromas and the opening is just right for sipping slowly. There is no stem, giving the glass a lower center of gravity that makes it harder to tip over. Just check out the reviews and see why the glencairn is hands down to best glass on the market.

 The Neat Ultimate Spirits Glass

The Neat Glass solves two problems – preserving the aromas of the glencairn glass with the volume of a rocks glass. Some people swear by these. You can read the reviews here. The “science” behind the glass makes the whiskey smoother, more aromatic, and easier to drink. I dont know why, but it does.

Which Glass Should You Go With?

Picking a glass boils down to three things:

  • Whether you drink your bourbon neat, mixed, or on the rocks
  • Whether you are tasting to appreciate the whiskey or just getting tanked
  • Whether you prefer form or a mason jar function

Different strokes for different folks, but a good glass for your favorite whiskey is like a great pair of headphones for your favorite song. Any will do, but only a the best whiskey glasses will give you the quality that you are looking for!

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