The Perfect Cobbler Recipe

At Dish on Market, the bartender there and I went through more than a dozen modifications to the classic Cobbler cocktail recipe. After experimenting with different bourbon, bitters, and build methods until we had crafted what we believed to be the perfect recipe! This is a simple, fantastic cocktail that requires no formal training, but will win you some fans.


1 tsp. Blood Orange Bitters
1.5 oz. Michters U.S. 1 Bourbon
1/2 tsp. Powdered Sugar
1 quarter of an orange wheel
1 cherry
Splash sprite


With cobblers, the build is important! The order that you add ingredients to the glass can potentially make or break your cocktail! To get it right, start off with 1/2 a teaspoon of powdered sugar in the bottom of your empty glass. Throw a splash of sprite in the bottom of the glass, followed by bitters. Use a spoon to stir the sugar until it is completely dissolved. Add orange and cherry, and muddle them lightly (dont pulverize the fruit into a paste, just enough to release the fruit juices). Now add your whiskey, top the glass off with ice, and enjoy. Some may want to strain the fruit off, but thats a matter of personal preference.

If you have your own variation, add it to the comments section below!