DIY Hollow Ice Ball for Cocktails In The Rocks

Cocktail Ice Sphere

Photo courtesy of Molecular Recipes

In our previous post we introduced you to the Aviary’s unique approach to building cocktails inside of hollowed out ice spheres.

We were so impressed with this new approach to mixology that we decided to try it at home.

The good news is you don’t need the space-age equipment that the Aviary uses to create the same cool looking hollow ice ball. With a few tools of the trade and a little patience, you can be wowing your guests (or patrons) with the most unique cocktail craftsmanship on the planet!

Tools of the Trade

**Total cost of the above tools is about $30 on Amazon. Click the links above to get the gear.


Cocktail Ice Sphere steps

Step 1: Fill you ice mold and place it on a rack in the coldest area of your freezer. If your freezer isn’t set to its lowest setting, adjust it so that your freezer will be as cold as possible. Important: DO NOT place the mold in the bottom of the freezer; you want cold air to circulate around the mold so the entire ball freezes uniformly. Flip the mold upside down after about an hour and a half.

Step 2: After 2 to 3 hours, remove the mold from the freezer and place the ice mold under cold running water for 30 seconds to remove the silicone top easily. Important: only remove the top of the ice mold; leave the bottom on.

Step 3: Grab your syringe and create a hole in the top of the ice sphere by rotating the needle like a drill. If you have a small tipped drill, you can use that too. Suck all the water from inside the sphere.

Step 4: Now you can remove the hollow ice ball from the base of the mold and put it back in the freezer overnight. It might be a good idea to put it on a clean towel (so it doesn’t roll around or stick to the freezer surfaces). It’s also a good idea to put your cocktails in the fridge so you aren’t putting warm liquids into a cold ball.

Step 5: When you are ready to serve your cocktails, grab your syringe again, suck up the cocktail, and slowly fill the ball via the hole you initially made. If the hole has frozen over a little, drill back through it with the syringe needle.

Ice Sphere Filling

Step 6: GENTLY place your cocktail in an old-fashioned glass and serve with a small wooden or steel muddler that your guests can use to smash the cocktail open with. It shouldn’t take all that much force to break the sphere.

That’s it! For under $30 you can ascend to the heights of supreme mixology and astonish your guests. Watch the looks on their faces while they ponder how you were able to pull off such a feat, and let them wallow in their befuddlement!




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