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So you have got your home bar stocked up with the perfect bourbon collection, huh? Now its time to show it all off! Building  a respectable home for your bourbon is a nice way of showcasing your collection and giving guests something to talk about. Your set up doesn’t need to be too fancy or complex, but you should invest in a few preliminaries.

Namely, you will need a platform to display your finery, some basic tools of the trade, and a few interesting accessories.


Your ‘platform’ is the surface and the storage space that you will use to show off your bourbon collection. Platforms can range from simple counter top shelves to full bars like you see above.

Regardless of the setup you choose, the idea is to have everything you need to craft a cocktail within arms reach. No running to the fridge to grab ice. No fiddling around in the silverware drawer for a muddler. No running to the basement to find that box of glencairn whiskey glasses.

That means you will need to stock your bar (or display area) with a few essentials…


You will need a basic bar set that includes a muddler, a shaker, a jigger, and a strainer. You can buy these items piece by piece or save some money and buy a set. I own the Oggi 10-piece Bar Set and would recommend it for both home and professional bar setups.

Once you have your tools in order, you will need some kick ass ware. I dont need to rehash why having the right glassware is important – I, for one, have been known to use mason jars – but for a respectable home bar, glassware is important.

Here are the 5 best-selling glasses from our store


Interesting home bar accessories can include decor, a twist on things that you would normally have anyway, or a unique way of dispensing your liquid gold.

In the case of decor, I collect antique metal bourbon signs and labels. I also have my Maker’s Mark personalized ambassador swagg and things that I have picked up from distillery tours on display. They make great conversation pieces and they bring a little nostalgia to my setup.

The most popular twist to home bars that I have seen recently is ice.

Yes. Ice.

Used to be no one could figure out how to make ice balls besides bars with industrial molds. Now I see them everywhere! The secret is the Tovolo Sphere Ice Mold. Not only can you make perfectly sized, slow melting bourbon ice balls, but you can add custom ingredients to really blow your guests away. Of course, you could always be stingy and use them all for yourself!

There are an unlimited number of ways to add style to your bourbon service. From counter top bourbon barrels and decanters*** to straight-from-the-bottle dispensers, you are really only limited by your imagination.

Building a respectable home for your bourbon collection can take as much time and effort as you are willing to put into it. For some of my showcase bottles, I have built on-the-wall shelves (I have a bottle of Pappy 23 that I purchased before the mainstream caught on and you could still buy em for $99) . The suggestions above are not all ‘must haves’, but are put out to inspire you to add some style to your substance.

Have your own bar setup? Show us! Post a pic of your setup in our Google Community Bourbon Fanatics WorldWide.

Cheers, and thanks for being a part of our #BourbonLife !

***And for the record – decanters do absolutely nothing for the taste of your bourbon. Save the ‘decanting’ for wine. However, they do look damned good and can lend your setup a customized, ‘speakeasy’ feel.

****Disclaimer, I own most of the stuff I suggested up there, so I am biased. However, the companies behind the products dont pay me a damned dime for selling their wares. But they should. Sheesh!