Here Are The 10 Most Unusual Bourbon Gifts for #CyberMonday 2016

Most bourbon gifts are limited to either full bottles of whiskey or glasses to drink those full bottles out of. While I’m not complaining, if you want to stand out you will need to do something a little different this shopping season! We have rounded up the best and most unusual deals that we could find for CyberMonday to impress the bourbon lover in your life. You should

Booker’s Bourbon Table Lamp


You all know how I feel about Bookers (??). People can get pretty creative with what to do with those boxes that Booker’s comes in, but this is the most unusual use I have seen so far. This is a great looking, fully functional table lamp filled with corks and has a black mattte woven shade.

Click here to buy the Booker’s Bourbon Table Lamp

A Whole Friggin Bourbon Barrel


Nothing says you are about that #bourbonlife than owning one of the cradles that baby bourbon rests in! These are 100% real barrels that ship from the heart of bourbon country (Kentucky). Ask now what you can do with a whole bourbon barrel, but instead ask what a whole bourbon barrel can do with you!

Click here to buy your own bourbon barrel

A Frozen Death Star


Colder than my Ex-Wifes heart, this death star melts slowly enough to keep your whiskey cold without diluting it. Ability to destroy entire planets sold separately.

Click Here to Own Your Own Death Star

A 5 Gallon Copper Whiskey Still

How to Make Bourbon At Home

Who knows what could happen in the future. Regardless, if you dont have your own still, you arent ready. I mean, how can you call yourself “self-reliant” if you have to rely on big bourbon to meet your needs? (P.S. If you are wondering how to make your own bourbon, we wrote a short guide here).

Click here to buy your own bourbon still (yes, its legal!)

Barrel Stave Bourbon Flight with FREE Glencairn Glasses!


So this item made the list for the free 6 ounce glasses and for the fact that you can age bourbon in French wine barrels without taking away from the whiskey. Arguably. Either way, if you are setting up your home bar and entertaining guests, these staves will blow them away. The bottom of the stave is still stained red from wines that matured in them. The first time I saw these was at a local bar here in Louisville where they serve bourbon flights. I have always wanted one since then!

Click here to get a barrel stave flight with free glasses!

Makers Mark Maniac Set

Makers mark Gift Set

Do you love Makers Mark? DO you REALLY love Makers Mark? Do you know someone who wont shut up about Makers Mark? This set will have them seeing red with their eyes closed! All the items come separately, but if you buy each item and bundle them all together, you got yourself a Makers Mark Maniac Set! Here is the breakdown – just click any link below to get the item:

Makers Mark Cherries
Makers Mark Gourmet Sauce
Collectors Edition Maker’s Mark Leather Wrapped Coaster Set
Maker’s Mark Cordial Tall Clear Shot Glass
Maker’s Mark Bourbon Wax Dipped Snifter Glass Set
Maker’s Mark Wooden Black Pub Sign

Saint Bernard Dog Collar Charred Oak Barrel


Now theres a good boy! Since you are going to be following me around all day begging for turkey scraps, I might as well get something out of the deal as well. I might be able to come up with a new ‘Saint Bernard Aged Bourbon” – you know, like Jeffersons did with the ocean thing? You might think thats a dumb idea, but when you see it behind your bar, remember where you heard about it first.

Anyhow, click here to buy this legit barrel for your Saint Bernard or other large animal.

Oak Honey Bourbon Cigar Infusion Humidor 


Nothing better than a nice smooth smoke to go with a nice smooth bourbon! This humidor takes things a step further by infusing your smokes with a nice honey bourbon flavor. Worth. Every. Penny.

Click here to buy a real bourbon lovers humidor.

Bitters Gift Set


Besidess a little Kentucky Limestone water, there isnt too much else I put in my bourbon. I tend to like the flavor as is. But sometimes you come across a bad pour that needs to me mixed into a cocktail, and thats where bitters comes in. Back in the day, bitters were used as a medicinal substance to promote appetite or digestion. These days, it does that and magically transforms bad bourbon into decent cocktails. This set coes with all the flavors you see above, made right here in the United States with organic herbs and spices.

Click here to get the Scrappys Bitters Set

Diamond Decanter with Stand


The wooden base is made in Kentucky (like all great things), and the glass is thick and strong. If you want to buy something for the bourbon lover in your life that will really “shine” (see what I did there?) then grab them one of these diamond decanters!

Click here to buy a diamond decanter

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