According to legend, Bourbon Balls were invented right here in Louisville, Kentucky back in 1936. Originally, the confections were produced by Ruth Booe of the Rebecca Ruth Candy Company, and have been a hit ever since. While everyone has their own special bourbon ball recipes, the one we have here is the original. Give em a try!


1/2 cup of Butter
1 cup chopped walnuts
5 tbsp Kentucky Bourbon
18 oz semisweet chocolate
16 oz package of confectioners sugar


Soak the walnuts in bourbon overnight in a sealed container. Mix the butter, sugar, and the bourbon-soaked walnuts until the entire mix is uniformed. Shape 3/4″ balls and refrigerate overnight on a tray of wax paper. Melt your chocolate and roll the balls in the chocolate to coat them, arrange the chocolate covered balls on a tray, and refrigerate until ready to serve. If you dig pecans, throw one on top. That’s it!

If you have your own bourbon ball recipe, leave us a comment below, or rate em!