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I never turn down good Barbecue, and to me ALL Barbecue is GOOD Barbecue! But there is more to the fine art of the grill than just throwing some meat over heat! The rub, marinades, and sauces can make or break a good plate.  The amazing thing about barbecue sauces and marinades, is that they come in so many different varieties and flavors.  Whether you’re more into a sweeter and sugary type of sauce or you like something hot and spicy that will make you sweat, there is something for you.  Whatever your palette’s preference, I know that you’ll thoroughly enjoy at least one of these gourmet sauces.

Best Bourbon BBQ Sauce for ribs

Whether it’s sweet or savory, a good BBQ sauce can turn bad meat into the best thing you have ever put in your mouth!

I’m an all around barbecue sauce kind of guy.  I enjoy everything under the sun.  Some days I want something filled with habanero or jalapeño peppers that will make me sweat while I eat.  Other days I like something more sweet and flavorful that will leave me licking my fingers.  For you true #Bourbonites, here are the 5 best bourbon barbecue sauces that will hit all the different parts of your palette.  I have personally tried each of these before and love them all in their own right.  If there is one that I miss, please let me know by leaving us a comment below!  I’m ALWAYS looking to discover a new tasty bbq sauce.


First up is Makers Mark Gourmet Sauce. Put this sauce on your Barbecue, pizza, in red beans and rice, on steaks, and almost anything else you can think of. The ingredients listed include pineapple, applesauce, raisins, anchovies, tomato paste, molasses, chili peppers, garlic, onion, salt, cloves, tamarind, paprika, and shallots. The whiskey flavor and the unique blend of ingredient makes this one of the most complex sauces I have tasted.


Stubbs actually makes an entire line of Barbecue sauces that include Spicy, Sticky Sweet, and a Moppin Sauce for basting. If you are looking for a low sugar and high flavor sauce, this is it – according to the ingredients list it has less than .5% of corn syrup no high fructose corn syrup.

Other ingredients include Distilled Vinegar, Molasses, Tapioca, Brown Sugar, Onion, Paprika, Garlic, Chile Powder, and Natural Smoke Flavor.

The sauce is on the thicker side, meaning it will hold on to the meat better than some thinner sauces, and there is far more tomato  and spice flavor than there is heat. Stubbs’ whole lineup deserves a spot on this list of must-try sauces.


A sweet brown sugar and molasses-based sauce with a nice little bourbon kick.  The ingredients lineup include Beef Stock, Molasses and Brown Sugar, Liquid Smoke, Green Pepper, Onion, herbs and spices. A little more heat and flavor than Stubb’s but a little thinner as well. I tried it on a light plate of pulled pork and it put a smile on my face. Doing Moonshiners Smokey Bourbon Barbecue sauce on a heavier or smokier meat might not hold up.


I like my bourbon scorching hot, but not my barbecue sauce. This stuff lives up to its label. I don’t know that I have ever had a hotter off the shelf sauce than this. Be warned. If you like heat on your meat, you will love this. If not….

Pappy’s Hottest Ride in Town Barbecue Sauce doesn’t sacrifice heat for flavor as is often the case with hot sauces. Its thick, and sticks to your jowls like napalm. And like napalm, a little goes a long way. I have been nursing my bottle for about 2 months. Some of the more notable ingredients include Oil of Capsicum, Lemon Powder, Habanero Pepper and Citric Acid.


Not sure if this is related to Fighting Cock Bourbon, but it definitely has some in the ingredients. Made with Tomato and Hot Sauce, Fresh Onions, Garlic, Chile Peppers, Paprika, Lemon Powder, Habanero Pepper, and citrus, this is one of my favorite crowd pleasers. Not too hot, not too mild. Perfectly textured and all those sweet and smokey bourbon flavors that I love. If I had to have one out all 5 of these on my grill, it would be Fighting Cock BBQ Sauce!

There you have it!  Each of these BBQ sauces has it’s own special flavor profile that adds a zing to whatever meat you’re cooking.  I’m sure I’ll add more to this list as I try out more marinades, sauces and seasonings on my barbecue.  If you’ve got a favorite sauce or barbecue recipe, I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment in the section below.